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What’s a WiFi Thermostat and Is It Right for Your Home Heating and Cooling Needs?

by Greg Leisgang on June 10, 2014

With the high cost of energy placing a stranglehold on families all across the country, getting your heating and cooling needs under control is a constant worry. If you're the type of homeowner who relishes total control over your comfort level and energy costs, the installation of a WiFi thermostat may be exactly what you need.… read more »

Using the Right Settings on That Programmable Thermostat Is the Key to HVAC Effectiveness

by Greg Leisgang on June 3, 2014

A programmable thermostat is one fairly inexpensive device that lets you pare down your energy consumption and reduce monthly utility bills. Learning to use the settings to your advantage is the key to achieving energy and cost savings. The following tips can help you maximize its effectiveness:… read more »

Control Heating and Air Conditioning in Your Ohio Home With a Programmable Thermostat

by Greg Leisgang on March 25, 2014

Most Cincinnati area homeowners know by now the great benefits of a programmable thermostat for improving heating and air conditioning efficiency. But the same technology that helps your furnace or boiler keep your family warm can also help with cooling costs.… read more »

Montgomery Heating and Air Conditioning Is Maximized With the Right Programmable Thermostat

by Greg Leisgang on December 5, 2013

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to control heating and cooling bills. Using a programmable thermostat to better control your home's temperature will make energy savings easier a more attainable goal.… read more »

A Programmable Thermostat Helps Schedule Comfort Along With Savings

by Greg Leisgang on September 9, 2013

Using a programmable thermostat is an easy way to lower your summer utility bill. These thermostats allow for several different temperature settings throughout the day, so you can set it to keep your home warmer when it’s unoccupied for reduced energy consumption. Most also allow separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. If it’s common for your house to be empty at least four hours at a time, you should consider installing a programmable thermostat. You can save 5 to 15 percent on annual energy costs by using one.… read more »

Add the Right Programmable Thermostat to Your System -- Your Options

by Greg Leisgang on July 22, 2013

Adding a programmable thermostat allows Cincinnati area homeowners better control over their comfort level and can reduce home energy consumption if used correctly. But which one is the right one for your needs?… read more »

Use Your Programmable Thermostat for Saving Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio

by Greg Leisgang on May 27, 2013

Using your programmable thermostat effectively can reduce your home energy consumption and lower your Cincinnati utility bill. By programming your thermostat to automatically adjust your heating and air conditioning settings to fit your family's normal schedule, you won't have to remember to adjust the thermostat every time you leave the house or return home. Your thermostat will turn your HVAC systems off and on for you, so that your house will be at the right temperature every morning when you get up and every evening when you get home from work.… read more »

Programming Your Thermostat For Savings in Cincinnati--And More Savings

by Greg Leisgang on October 10, 2012

A programmable thermostat is a powerful tool that can help reduce your energy bills in Cincinnati. By programming your thermostat schedule around your household's needs, saving money is nearly automatic. Here are some guidelines you can use to help set your thermostat for savings, and keep your home comfortable.… read more »

How To Buy A Programmable Thermostat -- And Optimize Savings in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on May 9, 2012

When money's tight, most Greater Cincinnati homeowners look for ways to save. Sometimes that means spending a little money to save much more. A programmable thermostat is one of those investments. Although you could buy a programmable thermostat with all the bells and whistles -- such as today's smart thermostats...… read more »

Follow These Programmable Thermostat Guidelines, And See Results!

by Greg Leisgang on December 19, 2011

If you have a programmable thermostat, you have an ideal means of saving energy right at your fingertips; the key is simply learning how to program it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of programmable thermostat guidelines designed to help you save money on your energy costs without sacrificing household comfort in Cincinnati.… read more »

Going Out Of Town? Tips For Your HVAC System While You're Away From Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on August 11, 2011

A vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation -- not a time to worry about whether your HVAC system will fail, or other potential home disasters. Tri-County Heating & Cooling is here with some HVAC advice to ease your mind and save you energy until you’re back in Cincinnati again.… read more »

Comfort? Efficiency? Convenience? Programmable Thermostats That Do It All

by Greg Leisgang on July 18, 2011

Installing a programmable thermostat in your Cincinnati area home is one of the easiest ways to make your heating and cooling system more energy efficient. Programmable thermostats maintain the level of comfort you are used to (or improve it) and are easy to use -- and they save you money.… read more »

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