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Condensing Furnaces Increase Home Safety in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on February 25, 2013

Most Cincinnati homeowners know how deadly carbon monoxide can be, but did you know that an old furnace may well be leaking all kinds of poisonous gases into your home? If you're in the market for a replacement furnace, look into a condensing furnace, which offers greater efficiency and increased home safety.… read more »

Get More Out of Your Cincinnati Furnace with Regular Filter Changes

by Greg Leisgang on February 13, 2013

During Cincinnati's winter season, most people rely on furnaces to keep them warm. Taking proper care of that important piece of equipment should be high on a homeowner's to-do list, which includes regular filter changes.… read more »

Notice These Furnace Smells? Don't Let Them Go Unchecked

by Greg Leisgang on February 6, 2013

Under ideal conditions, your Cincinnati furnace doesn’t require much attention. There are situations however, that warrant a call for service, such as unusual furnace smells. While these smells may not cause your unit to malfunction, they could be hazardous. If you notice any of the odors listed below, don’t let them go unchecked.… read more »

Living In Cincinnati: Choosing Advanced Heat Pump Features

by Greg Leisgang on February 4, 2013

A heat pump is an ideal means of delivering warm temperatures to your Cincinnati home during a mild winter. If you are shopping for a new heat pump, there are certain considerations that you must take into account to get the best system.… read more »

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