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Look at Ductwork and Insulation When Deciding Between Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement

by Greg Leisgang on May 19, 2014

When the central air conditioner in your greater Cincinnati area home acts up, you're faced with a dilemma: air conditioner repair or replacement? Several factors contribute to this decision, including the condition of your home’s ductwork, insulation and the age of your current air conditioner.… read more »

Duct Inspection and HVAC Repair: Are These Signs Present in Your Ohio Home?

by Greg Leisgang on March 21, 2014

Duct inspections are an important part of your annual home maintenance and HVAC repair schedules. Leaky, uninsulated, disconnected or obstructed ducts will significantly reduce the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and can compromise whole-house comfort and indoor air quality. If you like DIY projects, make it a point to inspect your ductwork annually. If not, hire a licensed HVAC technician to do it for you.… read more »

When Ducts Age, Heating and Cooling Efficiency Can Suffer

by Greg Leisgang on February 19, 2014

After you have tightened up your home by adding insulation and caulking around doors and windows, one of the best ways to save energy is to make sure your ductwork is in good shape.… read more »

Duct Sealing Helps Keep the Cool Air Flowing All Summer Long

by Greg Leisgang on September 4, 2013

In all likelihood, you wouldn’t try to sip through a straw with a hole in it. Your cold drink would spill right through the hole. But that’s exactly what happens if there are holes or cracks in your ducts: The cool air spills right through, which is why duct sealing is the obvious remedy.… read more »

Need to Schedule a Duct Cleaning for your Cincinnati Home?

by Greg Leisgang on April 17, 2013

If you're ready to schedule duct cleaning for your Bulter County, Greater Cincinnati area residence, you may be wondering what to expect from the appointment. In order to clean out your ductwork, experts use various tools that help remove debris, dander, dust and other particles that may contaminate your air or reduce the amount of air flowing through your ducts.… read more »

Sizing Ducts: An Important Step To Ensure Maximum ROI On Your New System

by Greg Leisgang on July 16, 2012

When it's time to install a new or upgraded HVAC system in your Cincinnati home, you know you're making an investment in your comfort and your home's value. You want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck -- not just during the initial purchase, but also during the years that you use the system. Properly sizing ducts will help to maximize your monetary savings and your comfort, giving you the best possible return on your investment.… read more »

Duct Returns: 3 Rules For Optimal Comfort in Greater Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on March 19, 2012

Central heating and cooling systems deliver air to every room in your Cincinnati home via supply vents. And duct returns send that air back through the system so that it's re-heated or -cooled. Here’s a look at three rules duct returns should follow to optimize comfort.… read more »

The Foundation Of Your HVAC Systems Revolves Around Your Ductwork Design; Here's Why

by Greg Leisgang on September 1, 2011

As the delivery component of your heating and cooling system, your ductwork should evenly and efficiently distribute conditioned air throughout your household. Unfortunately, many homes in the Greater Cincinnati area have poorly conceived duct configurations, improperly installed ductwork or inadequate duct sealing.… read more »

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