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Using Your HVAC System for Summer Energy Savings: 5 Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

by Greg Leisgang on June 24, 2014

Over time, myths about using HVAC systems have developed. While some are harmless, others can drive up energy costs and cause system problems. Here are five myths you shouldn't fall for this summer.… read more »

Insulation Isn’t Just for Winter: How This Material Protects and Keeps Air Conditioning Indoors

by Greg Leisgang on June 12, 2014

Adequate insulation will help you rein in air conditioning costs during the cooling season. Insulating products slow heat transfer year-round, most are inexpensive, and last a long time. In the summer, most of the heat gain in your home comes from the attic. Once installed, insulating materials start to work immediately.… read more »

Add Weatherstripping to Your To-Do List to Keep the Air Conditioning Indoors

by Greg Leisgang on May 30, 2014

Energy losses through air leaks can occur rather quickly inside a home, depending on the size and number of air leaks. Leaks are often a primary contributor for hot and cold spots throughout the house, making it difficult to stay comfortable and keep energy dollars from leaving the home. For a simple solution to a very expensive air conditioning and comfort problem, look into weatherstripping for sealing in cool energy savings and comfort.… read more »

Why Homeowners Look for the Energy Star Most Efficient Label When Upgrading HVAC Equipment

by Greg Leisgang on May 29, 2014

Even though you may be dreading the replacement of your HVAC equipment, take solace in knowing that newer equipment is more energy-efficient than ever before. In fact, if you focus on the new Energy Star Most Efficient label, you'll be saving the maximum amount of energy and money for years to come.… read more »

9 Energy-Saving Tips to Keep the HVAC System in Your Cincinnati Home Efficient This Summer

by Greg Leisgang on May 27, 2014

Summertime HVAC costs don't have to be astronomical to keep you comfortable when it's hot and humid outdoors. These tips will help you lower your overall energy bills, including air conditioner usage, without sacrificing comfort or convenience.… read more »

Schedule a Professional Energy Audit to Get a Handle on HVAC Efficiency Before Summer Arrives

by Greg Leisgang on May 21, 2014

Not only is the average modern home built with energy efficiency in mind, today’s HVAC systems are also designed from the ground up to be as energy efficient as possible. But all homes tend to lose their energy efficiency over time, making a professional energy audit a wise decision prior to starting off the summer cooling season.… read more »

Applying Caulk the Right Way to Seal Air Leaks and Improve Heating and Air Efficiency

by Greg Leisgang on March 28, 2014

You may be surprised to learn that air leaks in your home lead to a sizable increase in your energy usage each month. If you're looking for ways to improve your heating and air efficiency, sealing these leaks is absolutely essential.… read more »

5 Ways You Can Cut HVAC Energy Costs Throughout Your Cincinnati Home

by Greg Leisgang on March 24, 2014

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the typical Cincinnati home account for the largest share of energy expenses -- as much as 60 percent -- according to the federal Energy Star program. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways you can cut the high cost of heating and cooling. Here are some tips on how to do it.… read more »

Keep Heating and Cooling in Your West Chester Home by Sealing Air Leaks Tight

by Greg Leisgang on March 3, 2014

The heating and cooling that occurs in your home relies on a variety of factors. One such factor is avoiding too many air leaks that allow conditioned air to escape. If your home is experiencing leakage -- and it'd be a safe bet to assume this is the case -- then it's important that you tackle the problem sooner rather than later to improve your home's energy efficiency.… read more »

Prevent Heat Loss in Your Forest Park Home and Give Your Furnace a Boost

by Greg Leisgang on February 20, 2014

Whether the furnace in your Forest Park home is an older model or a new high-efficiency unit, air leaks in your home and air flow problems in the ductwork can combine to increase the cost of heating over the winter.… read more »

Keep Your Landen Heating and Air Conditioning Costs Down With These 10 Tips

by Greg Leisgang on December 11, 2013

In the city of Landen, heating and air conditioning savings are possible if you know where you can cut corners to conserve energy. To get started bringing utility costs down, we've compiled 10 easy-to-follow tips:… read more »

Keep in Heating and Air Conditioning in Your Mason Home -- How Caulk Can Help

by Greg Leisgang on October 28, 2013

No matter how efficient your heating and air conditioning system, it can't keep you comfortable if your home is riddled with air leaks. In a leaky home, Mason's cold winters and hot, humid summers rapidly draw out conditioned air and let in outdoor air. Air sealing your home with caulk and weatherstripping helps prevent this. In some older homes, air sealing could reduce your heating and air conditioning bills by up to 20 percent.… read more »

8 Cost-Effective Ways to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs in Your Monroe Home

by Greg Leisgang on October 9, 2013

Nearly 50 percent of your annual utility bill is spent heating and cooling your Monroe home. You can save a considerable amount of money this year with these tips designed to lower your energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of your home.… read more »

Seal Air Leaks in Your Cincinnati Home and Give Your HVAC System an Assist

by Greg Leisgang on September 18, 2013

Air leaks throughout your Cincinnati area home are the definition of money for nothing. You've paid to heat or cool the air using your HVAC system, but if you have air leaks, you won't enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home even though you're paying for them. Taking action to seal air leaks in your home is the only way to solve this problem. Here are some tips to get you started.… read more »

Teach Kids About HVAC and Energy Savings to Develop Good Habits Early

by Greg Leisgang on September 16, 2013

Conserving energy here in West Chester is a household responsibility. If you want to do it right, you have to involve the whole household. Since everyone from adults to small children use appliances and equipment that consume energy, making sure everyone is working together can really pay off. Not only will you save energy and money on your utility bills, but you'll also be teaching your kids an excellent lesson that will follow them wherever they go.… read more »

Minimize A/C Usage in Your Cincinnati Home With These Energy-Saving Tips

by Greg Leisgang on July 3, 2013

This summer, cooling your home in the most energy-conscious manner should be on the top of your list. The best way to keep your energy bills low is to minimize A/C usage. The summer months can be scorching in your Cincinnati area home, so how can you keep cool while giving the air conditioning a break?… read more »

Keep the Energy Costs Down in Your Cincinnati Home With These Simple Tasks

by Greg Leisgang on June 24, 2013

Temperatures will soar in Cincinnati this summer, and it's a good idea to reevaluate the cost to efficiently cool your home. In addition to dispelling myths about energy savings, you should remember that about half the energy you use in your home is dedicated to keeping it cool. You can cut your energy costs and stay cool with some simple tasks that you can do yourself.… read more »

Save Energy in Cincinnati When Running a Heat Pump

by Greg Leisgang on March 13, 2013

If you're a homeowner in Buter County or the Greater Cincinnati area and want to save energy costs during the colder months, you should have an understanding of the relationship between temperature and balance point as it applies to your heat pump.… read more »

Get Your Butler County or Greater Cincinnati Home Ready For Winter

by Greg Leisgang on December 19, 2012

If you live in Butler County or Greater Cincinnati, it's necessary to prepare for what is most commonly a blistering winter. But, how can you know if your home is ready for winter? A couple of hours spent winterizing your home can actually save you from uncomfortably chilly nights, ensure that your HVAC unit is running efficiently and smoothly and prevent unnecessary spending on energy expenses.… read more »

Lower Heating Costs in Butler County and Greater Cincinnati This Year With A Comprehensive Plan

by Greg Leisgang on December 12, 2012

Don't let the high costs of energy in Butler County and Greater Cincinnati put a stranglehold on your budget. The time is now to lower your heating costs this year with a comprehensive plan of attack.… read more »

Energy Savings Myths: Don't Let Bad Advice Increase Energy Consumption

by Greg Leisgang on November 26, 2012

If you're trying to conserve energy in your Butler County or Greater Cincinnati area home, it pays to know the difference between energy-savings myths and energy-savings facts. There's a lot of misinformation out there. Save yourself time and money by discarding these energy myths.… read more »

Air-Sealing Project Gets Energy-Efficient Results Around The House

by Greg Leisgang on October 8, 2012

You can reduce energy costs and increase home comfort by conducting a simple air-sealing project. Air leaks, which are prevalent in many Greater Cincinnati homes, can significantly lessen the efficiency of a heating or cooling system. Conducting an air-sealing project is inexpensive and easy enough for the average homeowner to do.… read more »

Lowering Heat Gain In Your Greater Cincinnati Home With Window Treatments

by Greg Leisgang on August 13, 2012

There are several ways to go about lowering heat gain in your Greater Cincinnati area home, but one of the most effective is to keep the sun out. Other than planting trees on the south and west sides of your home to provide shade, using certain window treatments is the most effective method of keeping direct sunlight out.… read more »

Cincinnati Home Maintenance Tips That Ensure Energy Savings During A Vacation

by Greg Leisgang on July 30, 2012

Summertime is when many Cincinnati families choose to head out on a vacation together. Planning your trip and getting your car ready may be the first thing you think about as you prepare; however, there are also several home maintenance tasks you can carry out that will save you a great deal on your home cooling bill while you are away.… read more »

How To Weatherize Your Greater West Chester Area Home In One Weekend

by Greg Leisgang on July 5, 2012

Summer is a good time to weatherize your greater West Chester area home because temperatures are comfortable outdoors and you'll start saving money on energy costs immediately. The components of your home that contribute to inefficient cooling and heating include your insulation, air infiltration and the condition of your HVAC equipment.… read more »

Use Efficiency Ratings To Select High-Performance Equipment

by Greg Leisgang on May 23, 2012

If you are in the market for a new home-comfort system, the first thing you need to do is become familiar with efficiency ratings. HVAC equipment is a big investment, but your investment can pay off fairly quickly if your new system significantly lowers your utility bills… read more »

Upgrading HVAC Equiment in Cincinnati: Seven Tips To Put That Extra Cash To Good Use

by Greg Leisgang on May 16, 2012

Maybe you weren't holding the winning numbers in Mega Millions, but you may feel as though you hit the jackpot if you use the extra cash you have to upgrade your HVAC system… read more »

Your Home Heating Load Can Make Or Break Energy Savings in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on January 4, 2012

When you hear an HVAC technician refer to your home heating load, they’re basically talking about the amount of heat required to bring your Cincinnati home to your desired level of comfort. If your heating load surpasses the heating capacity of your furnace or heat pump, you’ll likely see increased energy bills and system wear, which can be costly over the long term.… read more »

Your Home Heating Systems Create A Synergistic Effect On Utility Bills in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on December 28, 2011

The efficiency of your Cincinnati home heating systems depends on the synergy of multiple components. Your thermostat, your heating source, and your ductwork are three major components of that system.… read more »

Use These Steps For Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

by Greg Leisgang on October 5, 2011

Winter is on the way, and homeowners living in climates like Cincinnati, where the weather gets cold, should prepare now for those cooler temperatures. Getting your air conditioner ready to do battle with Mother Nature will help breeze through the season without much difficulty.… read more »

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Energy Star Products

by Greg Leisgang on September 14, 2011

Energy Star is a government-backed program, run jointly between the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, which makes it simple for Greater Cincinnati Area homeowners to know which HVAC equipment and home appliances save the most energy.… read more »

Are Heating And Cooling Needs Determined By Degree Days? Find Out How To Assess Efficiency in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on September 12, 2011

Heating and cooling degree days help you estimate how much energy your home has used in a specific span of time. Keeping track of your meter readings can help you gauge how much energy you’re using, but that doesn’t account for the variable of changing weather in Cincinnati.… read more »

Going Out Of Town? Tips For Your HVAC System While You're Away From Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on August 11, 2011

A vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation -- not a time to worry about whether your HVAC system will fail, or other potential home disasters. Tri-County Heating & Cooling is here with some HVAC advice to ease your mind and save you energy until you’re back in Cincinnati again.… read more »

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