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The Repair Or Replace Dilemma: Let Tri-County Heating & Cooling Help You Decide

by Greg Leisgang on September 26, 2011

If your heating and cooling equipment has broken down, you are faced with a dilemma. You need to decide whether to pay for repairs or for a whole-system replacement. It can be a difficult decision: You don't want to make a large investment in a new system you don't need.… read more »

Good Questions Get Good Answers: Use These To Hire A Heating & Cooling Contractor

by Greg Leisgang on September 19, 2011

Hiring a good heating and cooling contractor is not as simple as calling the first one listed in the Greater Cincinnati Area phone book. You wouldn't trust your car to just any mechanic, so why would you let just any technician work on your valuable home comfort system?… read more »

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Energy Star Products

by Greg Leisgang on September 14, 2011

Energy Star is a government-backed program, run jointly between the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, which makes it simple for Greater Cincinnati Area homeowners to know which HVAC equipment and home appliances save the most energy.… read more »

Are Heating And Cooling Needs Determined By Degree Days? Find Out How To Assess Efficiency in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on September 12, 2011

Heating and cooling degree days help you estimate how much energy your home has used in a specific span of time. Keeping track of your meter readings can help you gauge how much energy you’re using, but that doesn’t account for the variable of changing weather in Cincinnati.… read more »

Now Is The Time To Schedule That Fall Tuneup

by Greg Leisgang on September 7, 2011

We tend to take our heating and cooling systems for granted. We use them every day, and many of us don't think about maintaining them until they break down. Then we realize how vital they are to our comfort (and sometimes our safety). Getting a tuneup now can avert major repairs and breakdowns later, not to mention the associated costs and hassle.… read more »

The Foundation Of Your HVAC Systems Revolves Around Your Ductwork Design; Here's Why

by Greg Leisgang on September 1, 2011

As the delivery component of your heating and cooling system, your ductwork should evenly and efficiently distribute conditioned air throughout your household. Unfortunately, many homes in the Greater Cincinnati area have poorly conceived duct configurations, improperly installed ductwork or inadequate duct sealing.… read more »

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