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Choosing An HVAC Contractor To Install A Furnace in Butler County or Greater Cincinnati? Here's What Should Be Done

by Greg Leisgang on December 27, 2012

When you're getting a new furnace, one of the most important steps in the process involves choosing an HVAC contractor to help you find the right system. When you're interviewing contractors, use these guidelines to decide which contractor will provide the best advice and installation.… read more »

Get Quality HVAC Installation With This Expert Advice From The Pros At Tri-County Heating & Cooling

by Greg Leisgang on July 11, 2012

When you’ve decided to replace your outdated air conditioning unit with a new, more energy-efficient system, it's best to get acquainted with the process of a quality HVAC installation. In fact, improper installation can reduce the efficiency of your new equipment by up to 30 percent and possibly shorten its life span, making a quality HVAC installation even more important.… read more »

HVAC Warranties Protect Your Most Valuable Home-Comfort Investment

by Greg Leisgang on June 11, 2012

Many Greater Cincinnati homeowners see the purchase of HVAC warranties as a burden, when they are actually a great investment in your home-comfort systems. To get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment’s warranties, here are three things to consider.… read more »

Upgrading HVAC Equiment in Cincinnati: Seven Tips To Put That Extra Cash To Good Use

by Greg Leisgang on May 16, 2012

Maybe you weren't holding the winning numbers in Mega Millions, but you may feel as though you hit the jackpot if you use the extra cash you have to upgrade your HVAC system… read more »

When Purchasing Heating And Cooling Equipment in Cincinnati, Consider Price AND Lifetime Costs

by Greg Leisgang on November 17, 2011

Anyone who has ever lived in the Greater Cincinnati area knows that it's not unusual to see daily temperature swings of 25 degrees, putting even the best heating and cooling systems to the test and driving up energy bills. Therefore, purchasing the most energy-efficient system that you can afford is a priority.… read more »

Size Your Air-Conditioning System First, And You'll Get Efficient Results Later

by Greg Leisgang on August 29, 2011

So you’re upgrading to a high-efficiency air-conditioning system? Congratulations! You’ll save money, energy and help the environment. But first, make sure that your new equipment is properly sized and installed to get the most out of its performance.… read more »

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