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Knock Out This Fall Home Heating Checklist so You're Ready for the Springboro Cold

by Greg Leisgang on September 25, 2013

As the weather starts to turn chilly in Cincinnati and Springboro, several aspects of your home heating system deserve your attention before you can expect efficient performance all season long. Check the following items off your home heating checklist so you’re ready for the cold.… read more »

Why Dual-Fuel Heating Works in Greater Cincinnati Homes

by Greg Leisgang on January 28, 2013

Dual-fuel heating is a relatively new approach to conditioning homes in Cincinnati. It employs all of the energy efficiency of a heat pump and switches to a gas furnace when temperatures fall into the 30s or lower. This kind of system lets you extract the heat in the air using the heat pump and only uses fuel when the outdoor temperatures don't have enough heat to warm your home efficiently.… read more »

Using Ceiling Fans During Cincinnati Winters To Promote A Comfortable Home

by Greg Leisgang on December 31, 2012

If you want to take a bite out of your heating bill, consider using ceiling fans to help recirculate the heated air that naturally rises to the ceiling.… read more »

3 Alternative Heating System Options for your Butler County or Greater Cincinnati area home

by Greg Leisgang on December 17, 2012

As you evaluate the effectiveness of your current heating system, it might be time to consider some new, alternative heating system options -- especially if your existing heating system is on its last legs -- that will keep you warm and comfortable, and reduce energy costs.… read more »

Your Home Heating Load Can Make Or Break Energy Savings in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on January 4, 2012

When you hear an HVAC technician refer to your home heating load, they’re basically talking about the amount of heat required to bring your Cincinnati home to your desired level of comfort. If your heating load surpasses the heating capacity of your furnace or heat pump, you’ll likely see increased energy bills and system wear, which can be costly over the long term.… read more »

Your Home Heating Systems Create A Synergistic Effect On Utility Bills in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on December 28, 2011

The efficiency of your Cincinnati home heating systems depends on the synergy of multiple components. Your thermostat, your heating source, and your ductwork are three major components of that system.… read more »

Steps To Calculate HVAC Return On Investment

by Greg Leisgang on December 14, 2011

Whether you’re talking furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps, HVAC upgrades should be treated as long-term investments. As such, HVAC return on investment should be a serious consideration in the decision-making process when comparing potential upgrades.… read more »

Buyer's Guide: Select A Furnace That Meets The Special Heating Demands Of Your Greater Cincinnati Area Home

by Greg Leisgang on October 27, 2011

When it comes to keeping comfortable in cold weather, no two homes are alike. Some require more energy to keep warm, others not as much. That’s why every furnace must fit its home perfectly. Here’s a simple buyer’s guide that can help you find the perfect new system for your Cincinnati home...… read more »

The Repair Or Replace Dilemma: Let Tri-County Heating & Cooling Help You Decide

by Greg Leisgang on September 26, 2011

If your heating and cooling equipment has broken down, you are faced with a dilemma. You need to decide whether to pay for repairs or for a whole-system replacement. It can be a difficult decision: You don't want to make a large investment in a new system you don't need.… read more »

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