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Not Using That Whole-House Humidifier This Summer? How to Close It Properly

by Greg Leisgang on July 31, 2013

During the humid cooling months, it makes sense to close down your whole-house humidifier. It also gives you an opportunity to inspect your system for wear and ensure that your humidifier is in good shape for the coming Cincinnati winter.… read more »

Your Heat Pump Cools Your Home Efficiently If It's Sized Correctly

by Greg Leisgang on July 29, 2013

Having a heat pump installed in your West Chester area home is an efficient and economical way to provide both heating and cooling to your indoor environment. Through the use of a built-in reversing valve, heat pumps are unique in their ability to heat or cool an interior space, taking the place of a furnace during the winter season and an air conditioner during summer.… read more »

When Your HVAC Tech Arrives for A/C Preventive Maintenance, Here's What to Expect

by Greg Leisgang on July 24, 2013

A/C preventive maintenance helps tackle future problems with your air conditioner head on and reduces unplanned expenses. When your HVAC contractor visits your home to perform your system’s annual checkup, he or she has many areas to address to ensure that you'll cash in on the benefits of system maintenance.… read more »

Add the Right Programmable Thermostat to Your System -- Your Options

by Greg Leisgang on July 22, 2013

Adding a programmable thermostat allows Cincinnati area homeowners better control over their comfort level and can reduce home energy consumption if used correctly. But which one is the right one for your needs?… read more »

West Chester Area Homes Can Benefit From This Advanced A/C Technology

by Greg Leisgang on July 15, 2013

What type of advanced A/C technology do you look for in a new air conditioning system? The feature that should top your list is a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER. This rating indicates how efficient an air conditioner is at removing heat from your home. Look for 15 SEER or higher for the best energy efficiency possible.… read more »

Minimize A/C Usage in Your Cincinnati Home With These Energy-Saving Tips

by Greg Leisgang on July 3, 2013

This summer, cooling your home in the most energy-conscious manner should be on the top of your list. The best way to keep your energy bills low is to minimize A/C usage. The summer months can be scorching in your Cincinnati area home, so how can you keep cool while giving the air conditioning a break?… read more »

HEPA Filtration Offers Extreme Air Quality for Ohioans in Need

by Greg Leisgang on July 1, 2013

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you know how important it is to maintain your home's indoor air quality. When the pollen count's high, your home may be the only place where you can find solace from the itchy eyes or constant sneezing triggered by the outdoors. There are many types of air filters available, but if you want the top of the line, there's HEPA filtration.… read more »

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