Follow These Programmable Thermostat Guidelines, And See Results!

by Greg Leisgang on December 19, 2011

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programmable thermostat tips Cincinnati, OH areaIf you have a programmable thermostat, you have an ideal means of saving energy right at your fingertips; the key is simply learning how to program it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of programmable thermostat guidelines designed to help you save money on your energy costs without sacrificing household comfort in Cincinnati.

  • Try adjusting your settings a few degrees lower. You can save a few percentage points on your energy costs for each degree you lower the thermostat. For maximum savings, try to get down to approximately 68 degree—a comfortable temperature that can save you significant energy dollars.
  • Resist the urge to abuse the temperature override feature, constantly turning the thermostat up and down. Once you find a comfortable temperature, keep your settings consistent for longer periods of time, as this enhances system efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, boosting the thermostat's setting wide open will not heat your home any faster; what it will often do, however, is cause you to waste energy as your temperature rises beyond what would have been a comfortable level.
  • Try programming temperatures a few degrees lower when you’ll be away for an extended period, such as the eight-hour workday. Another great time to decrease temperature settings is during the night, when everyone is asleep in their warm beds. Just be sure to program your settings so temperatures rise to a more comfortable level just before you wake up.
  • Learn to use features such as the “vacation” setting properly. While beneficial when you’re out of the home for a week, the vacation setting could cost you comfort and savings if forgotten, or simply turned on at an inappropriate time. If you’re not sure how to use special features such as the vacation setting, consult your owner’s manual.

These simple programmable thermostat guidelines will allow you to save significant energy dollars by doing little more than using your current equipment properly. For more on how you can enhance the energy efficiency of your Butler County or Greater Cincinnati area home, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling

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