What’s a WiFi Thermostat and Is It Right for Your Home Heating and Cooling Needs?

by Greg Leisgang on June 10, 2014

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wifi thermostatWith the high cost of energy placing a stranglehold on families all across the country, getting your heating and cooling needs under control is a constant worry. If you're the type of homeowner who relishes total control over your comfort level and energy costs, the installation of a WiFi thermostat may be exactly what you need. 

Benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

Manual thermostats must face the awful truth: their days are numbered. In fact, even standard programmable models may someday be fazed out in lieu of WiFi models. What makes these newer thermostats so spectacular? Just check out these benefits:

  • Programmable - Just like standard programmable thermostats, the WiFi models can be preset to the days and times in which your HVAC equipment is in operation.
  • WiFi access - The biggest upgrade is the ability to access the thermostat through an Internet connection and make any necessary changes. Some models also allow you access through a smart phone application.
  • Connection to weather services - The WiFi capability is able to stay connected to weather services and automatically make alterations to its settings that match changing conditions.
  • Sensor analysis - These new models can track and analyze temperature readings from multiple sensors place around your home, giving you further insight into your energy usage and needs.
  • Learning capability - A WiFi thermostat will quickly learn your heating and cooling habits, then make changes as they are necessary.

Installation of a WiFi Thermostat

One decision you'll have to make is whether to install the thermostat yourself or hire a professional HVAC technician to do it for you. This will likely depend on the specific model and the manufacturer's recommendations, as well as your own ability for installation, of course. If you do it yourself, you can save money upfront. However, keep in mind that some models can be tricky and professional installation is likely to ensure better efficiency.

For more heating and cooling advantages of installing a WiFi thermostat or other home comfort inquiries, please contact the professionals at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've been serving the needs of Cincinnati and the surrounding area for more than 40 years.

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