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How To Reduce Air Conditioner Noise When Selecting A New System

by Greg Leisgang on August 29, 2012

When selecting a new air conditioner for your Greater Cincinnati area home, many people focus almost solely on how efficiently the unit will cool a room. This is obviously important, but there is a second primary factor that must be considered when purchasing a new unit: air conditioner noise.… read more »

Refrigerant Charge And Airflow: 2 Checks Maintenance Should Include

by Greg Leisgang on August 27, 2012

Though you may not think about it much, the refrigerant charge and airflow of your air conditioner are essential to your home comfort. As a Cincinnati homeowner, there are measures that you can take to keep your equipment running efficiently; however, annual preventive maintenance is also a must. As your HVAC technician services your air conditioner, make sure that checking refrigerant charge and airflow is at the top of the list.… read more »

Benefit From Heat Pump Maintenance: Schedule An Appointment Today

by Greg Leisgang on August 22, 2012

Your home' s heat pump is a major investment. How well it works and how efficiently it provides conditioned air to your Greater Cincinnati area home -- as well as how often you have heat pump maintenance performed -- will have a significant impact on how high your energy bills are.… read more »

Wondering How To Fix A Leaky Air Conditioner? Get Expert Advice

by Greg Leisgang on August 15, 2012

Considering all the heat advisories the Cincinnati area has experienced this summer, your air conditioner is probably working very hard. And that means it's producing a lot of condensation because of all the moisture it's removing from the air. This could spell trouble if your air conditioner is leaky, as all that extra moisture could cause water to drip down a wall or pool on a floor. Before a small problem becomes a big issue, call your A/C technician for expert advice. He can get to the root of the problem and correct it. Here are some preventive measures that you can take yourself.… read more »

Lowering Heat Gain In Your Greater Cincinnati Home With Window Treatments

by Greg Leisgang on August 13, 2012

There are several ways to go about lowering heat gain in your Greater Cincinnati area home, but one of the most effective is to keep the sun out. Other than planting trees on the south and west sides of your home to provide shade, using certain window treatments is the most effective method of keeping direct sunlight out.… read more »

Wondering How To Combat Cincinnati Summer Allergies? Look To These Air Quality Solutions

by Greg Leisgang on August 8, 2012

For many, summer means long days spent outdoors. But those who suffer from summer allergies may want to hide indoors until pollen season is over. Your Cincinnati home can be your safe haven at this time of year, but only if the indoor air quality is up to par. However, in many homes the indoor air may be even more polluted than the outside. Here are some air quality solutions to consider that can help you breathe easier.… read more »

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