Condensing Furnaces Increase Home Safety in Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on February 25, 2013

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condensing furnace - home safety, West Chester, OhioMost Cincinnati homeowners know how deadly carbon monoxide can be, but did you know that an old furnace may well be leaking all kinds of poisonous gases into your home? If you're in the market for a replacement furnace, look into a condensing furnace, which offers greater efficiency and increased home safety.

How conventional furnaces operate
Old furnaces use what's called an open combustion system, which pulls air from anywhere it’s available, including already heated house air, and releases it into the chimney. This exhausted air, however, is just as likely to cool and stagnate, finding ways to disperse into your living area where what was intended to be waste becomes part of the air that you breathe.

Why is a condensing furnace safer?
You can increase the safety of your home with the installation of a condensing furnace. A contemporary condensing furnace uses sealed combustion technology so that air is drawn from outside your home and, after combustion, is vented directly outside. A natural gas condensing furnace is highly energy-efficient, with as much as 95 percent of the fuel converted to heat. The only thing that remains is a condensate of CO2 and water. This is a liquid that drips gently from the furnace's exhaust pipe, unlike the gases of conventional furnaces that can seep through every crack and crevice in your home.

For more information about condensing furnaces or any other HVAC related issues, contact the experts at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've proudly served homeowners in and around Butler County and Greater Cincinnati since 1969.

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