Get More Out of Your Cincinnati Furnace with Regular Filter Changes

by Greg Leisgang on February 13, 2013

Posted in: Furnaces

regular furnace filter changes, West Chester, OhioDuring Cincinnati's winter season, most people rely on furnaces to keep them warm. Taking proper care of that important piece of equipment should be high on a homeowner's to-do list, which includes regular filter changes.

Any HVAC expert will tell you that there are tremendous benefits that you can reap from checking and changing your furnace filters regularly. Proper maintenance of your heating system not only helps prolong its life but also helps cut down on energy bills and improves comfort in your home. Poorly maintained furnaces tend to consume an excessive amount of energy and also pose risks to members of your family. To avoid this, it's recommended that furnace filters should be changed at least after every three months or at the stated intervals as instructed by the manufacturer.

A dirty or clogged filter is a threat to the health of your household, and it's detrimental to your heating and air conditioning system. When the filter clogs up, it prevents proper airflow in the system. A clogged filter may even cause the furnace to break down due to overheating.

Take time to clean service filters effectively. Regular filter changes help your furnace operate effectively and efficiently during the winter season. Clean filters help prevent the buildup of dirt in your furnace and also collect pollutants and allergens, boosting your home's indoor air quality.

You can always seek the services of a professional HVAC contractor to help you change or clean your furnace filters.

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