Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Service With Professional A/C Maintenance

by Greg Leisgang on June 26, 2014

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air conditioning serviceThe heat of a West Chester summer takes a lot out of an air conditioner. By investing in air conditioning service early in the cooling season, you'll gain the peace of mind of knowing your system can handle the hottest weather without springing any costly surprises on you.

Air Conditioning Service Has Big Benefits

An investment in A/C service pays you back in several ways.

  • Fewer repairs - To reach their intended life expectancy, A/C components require regular maintenance. Proper A/C care means there's less chance you'll be stuck with surprise expenses to replace a motor, compressor or other part that failed early.
  • Improved performance - Regular maintenance prevents problems that can impair the system's ability to cool or reduce humidity sufficiently.
  • Greater efficiency - Certain maintenance issues reduce A/C system efficiency even without causing obvious symptoms. Professional maintenance keeps your air conditioner's efficiency at its highest.

What to Expect from Air Conditioning Service

A few of the things your technician will do during an A/C tuneup include:

  • Inspecting the electrical components - A dirty, insufficiently lubricated fan motor won't run efficiently and is at risk for failure. Your technician will clean and lubricate the motor, test the voltage and amperage, and check for worn bearings. The technician will also look for and address potentially damaging loose or corroded electric connections throughout the system.
  • Cleaning the coils - Debris buildup on the outdoor condenser coil or indoor evaporator coil interferes with airflow, which can damage A/C components, reduce system efficiency, and impair performance. A thorough professional cleaning prevents these problems.
  • Checking the refrigerant - Excess refrigerant can damage the compressor, while too little refrigerant is a sign of damaged refrigerant tubes. To head off major problems, the technician will check the refrigerant charge and address any issues.

By signing up for a professional air conditioning maintenance plan, you'll enjoy preferential scheduling and discounts, all while keeping your A/C in top form.

Ready to schedule air conditioning service or need other help with your heating and cooling equipment? Get in touch with us at Tri-County Heating & Cooling in West Chester.

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