Is the Heat Pump in Your Cincinnati Home Blowing Cold Air? How to Fix This Heating and Air Issue

by Greg Leisgang on May 23, 2014

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heat pump blowing cold airYou made a wise decision to save money, conserve resources and still keep your family toasty warm during heating season with a heat pump for your Sharonville area home. But if you feel cold air when the unit is in heating mode, you may feel you've wasted your money. This heating and air problem may be very easily resolved.

No Problem

Heat pumps aren't furnaces. Sharonville area homeowners unfamiliar with the technology may expect heat like a furnace, with its air from 130 to 140 degrees. A heat pump will only manage 85 to 95 degrees, depending on the outside air temperature.

With this type of heating and air technology, a heat pump operates efficiently at lower heat for long time periods. A furnace operates at higher temperatures in shorter bursts. Put a thermometer near a register. Let it sit 15 minutes and then check. If the air temperature is at or near 68 degrees, your heat pump is working normally.

No, It’s a Problem

If, on the other hand, your heat pump is putting out truly frigid air, your heating and air problem is more complicated than a change of attitude. Your challenge is to differentiate between a professional-level heating and air issue and one you can solve yourself.

Homeowner-Friendly Issues

  • The condenser has iced up - Turn it off, clear the ice and turn it on again.
  • Snow drift is up against the condenser - Clear the snow so the unit has air circulation.
  • The condenser isn't running - Check circuit breakers on the unit and in your main house panel.
  • Cold air is being pulled into the return side of the system - Inspect your home for disconnected ductwork, open windows or air leaks in the ducts.

When to Contact the Pros

Heating and air issues requiring a professional HVAC technician with the right equipment and training to diagnose the difficulty:

  • Bad reversing valve
  • Bad compressor valves
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Bad metering device for refrigerant flow

As with medicine, first do no harm. If in doubt, call a trustworthy professional. For more help diagnosing heat pump problems with your Sharonville area home’s heat pump, contact us at Tri-County Heating & Cooling.

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