Does the Heat Pump Cooling System in Your Cincinnati Home Need Attention?

by Greg Leisgang on September 2, 2013

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heat pump cooling systemA heat pump cooling system works much like a standard air conditioner. But, unlike an A/C, heat pumps can reverse the direction of coolant to cool or heat your home. In the summer, heat pumps move warm air out of the house to cool it and in the winter, they reverse the process. 

Heat pumps can decrease your energy bills, particularly in the winter. They work efficiently because they use energy to move air rather than burning fuel. High-efficiency models are also more efficient than standard A/Cs at dehumidifying the air.

Heat Pump Cooling System Maintenance

Keeping your heat pump in the best condition possible is a little more technical than A/C maintenance. Always consult a qualified professional if you notice it’s not working properly.

Even in warmer weather, heat pumps can ice up if not properly maintained. Most often, icing is a result of a dirty filter or low refrigerant levels. Ice can also form if it’s already cool outside when the heat pump runs in cooling mode. Unless your heat pump uses a high-efficiency, multi-speed fan, keep the fan set to auto for best performance.

Heat pumps use a crankcase heater that normally runs only during cool weather. The heater prevents liquid refrigerant from reaching the compressor, also called “slugging,” which can cause the compressor to fail. Have your heat pump serviced if the crankcase heater runs in hot weather. Have it checked during biannual scheduled service.

Just like a standard A/C, a heat pump cooling system requires regular attention. Without it, you’ll lose up 20 percent of its efficiency and receive a higher electric bill. Make sure to:

  • Keep air filters clean or change them promptly when dirty.
  • Wash the outdoor coils and the fan. Be sure to cut power to the fan first.
  • Keep both the supply and return registers clean and in good condition.
  • Make sure the outdoor unit is free from debris, dirt and vegetation.
  • Schedule service checks twice a year before the cooling and heating seasons start.

Learn more about keeping your heat pump working all year long. Contact the experts at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've provided quality service to the West Chester area of Ohio for over 40 years.

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