Maximize Air Conditioning by Changing the Direction of the Ceiling Fans

by Greg Leisgang on May 13, 2014

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ceiling fansSpring is here and summer is going to follow quickly. That means warm air and the need to cool your home. If you have ceiling fans, they can help you maximize your air conditioning by lowering the temperature. However, that will only work if you have the fan going in the right direction.

In Which Direction Should the Ceiling Fan Be Moving?

In the summer, you want the fan to go in a counterclockwise direction, also known as the forward direction. This helps drive air down toward the room's occupants. As the moving air hits the skin, it causes it to feel cooler than it really is. This lets you set the thermostat a bit higher, saving you money without compromising your comfort level.

In the winter, change the blade direction to clockwise. This is also know as the reverse direction. Blades moving in this direction draw cooler air up toward the ceiling, displacing the hot air that tends to collect at ceiling level. By bring the hot air down into the room, there's less need to run the heating system, which lowers energy bills.

Most modern ceiling fans have a switch that controls the direction the fan moves. Those fans that have remote controls have a button for that function, as well.

Setting the Direction for Summer

Turn on the fan and let it run a few seconds. Look at the fan from below and determine which direction it's turning. If it's going counterclockwise and it's summer, you are good to go. If it's going clockwise and it's summer, you need to change the switch to the forward direction. Turn off the fan, change the switch setting and then turn the fan back on.

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