Keep Your Landen Heating and Air Conditioning Costs Down With These 10 Tips

by Greg Leisgang on December 11, 2013

Posted in: Energy Savings

In the city of Landen, heating and air conditioning savings are possible if you know where you can cut corners to conserve energy. To get started bringing utility costs down, we've compiled 10 easy-to-follow tips:

  1. Change your lightbulbs - This is an inexpensive step you can take to lower your energy costs. Fluorescent bulbs use only a fraction of energy as traditional ones.
  2. Turn off lights and appliances - It sounds simple enough, but residents often leave electricity running when it's not necessary. When you leave a room, turn off the light. And if you're not going to be using an appliance or computer for a while, turn that off, too. You can even go so far as to unplug it to avoid standby energy usage.
  3. Invest in a new A/C system - If your air conditioner is showing its age, investing in a more energy efficient model can help you save money over time.
  4. Invest in a new furnace - The same goes for the purchase of a more energy efficient furnace. When your home's furnace is on its last leg, consider an upgrade for a energy-saving option. 
  5. Seal air leaks - Air leaks can account for a large amount of energy waste. Opt for a home energy audit to determine where leaks are taking over, then use caulking and weatherstripping to close up these areas. 
  6. Add insulation - Adding insulation will help maintain the temperature inside your home, so your HVAC system doesn't need to work so hard. 
  7. Use low-flow faucets and shower heads - Installing these low-flow devices will allow you to use less water and save money in the process.
  8. Only use appliances with Energy Star labels - Home appliances that are approved by the Energy Star program meet specific guidelines for energy efficiency.
  9. Switch out old windows - Single-pane windows perpetuate heat loss throughout winter. If you can afford to replace them with low-U-value, low-E windows, do it.
  10. Utilize renewable energy - If possible, install a system that utilizes an alternative form of energy. The most popular option is the installation of solar panels, which can save quite a bit of energy.

For more expert advice about Landen heating and air conditioning, or for any questions related to home comfort, contact the professionals at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've been serving the HVAC needs of Landen, Green Hill, West Chester and the surrounding areas since 1969. 

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