Serious Signs That Furnace Replacement Is on the Horizon for Your West Chester Home

by Greg Leisgang on March 5, 2014

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furnace replacementThe average furnace life span ranges from 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the equipment, usage history and whether or not it was professionally maintained on a consistent basis. If your furnace is coming up on the 15-year mark, you may want to consider researching your replacement options. An energy efficient replacement will pay for itself in a matter of years.

Here are some signs the furnace is your West Chester home is ready for replacement.

  • It's more than 15 years old. Today's energy efficient furnaces have AFUEs as high as 97 percent. Consider that the AFUE of a 15-year-old furnace can be 80 percent or less. Even if your old furnace is running well, you may be wasting hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.
  • Escalating repair bills. At some point, your furnace is going to require an increasing number of repairs in order to keep it running. Start keeping tabs and calculate how much you've spent in the last year or two, combined with the estimated repairs for this season. In the HVAC industry, we recommend replacing your furnace when your repair costs are approaching 50 percent of your total replacement costs.
  • Higher energy bills. If your utility bills are increasing even though your thermostat settings are the same as always, an aging furnace could be the problem. Schedule a furnace inspection if you haven't already and have the technician inspect the duct system as well. If everything checks out okay, declining furnace efficiency is the problem.
  • Inconsistent heating. Are some rooms or areas of the house hotter or cooler than others lately? If an inspection fails to uncover obvious airflow obstructions elsewhere, inconsistent heating or airflow is a sign of a failing furnace.
  • Visible signs. Sometimes a visual inspection of the furnace equipment is all that's needed to discover signs of rust corrosion or cracks, loud or irregular noises or evidence of soot, dirt or rust particles coming from the furnace or vents.

Contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling if you suspect the furnace in your West Chester home is ready for replacement.

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