How to Determine Furnace Age

by Greg Leisgang on June 5, 2014

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furnace ageAre you having furnace problems and wondering if it's time to budget for a replacement? The age of a furnace is usually a key indicator that it's ready to retire, but if the unit was in place when you purchased your home, you may not know how old it is. If you can't find a date anywhere on the heater, there are others ways to determine furnace age.

Find the Serial Number

If you do, the first four digits should tell you the week and year the unit was manufactured. The first two are usually the week and the next two the year. So if the serial number begins with "0587," it's likely that your furnace was built in the fifth week of 1987. To find the serial number: 

  • Remove the blower compartment door on the bottom front of the unit. Flip it over and look for a manufacturer's label that displays the serial number. Depending on who built it, the full manufacture date may be listed.
  • If there's no label on the door, shut off the breaker to the heating system so you can safely check inside the compartment. Take a close look at the fan and the individual blades. It's not uncommon to find the serial number stamped somewhere on the fan of an older unit.

Look for Old HVAC Service Tags

If you find one, you'll be in luck if the technician made a note of the installation date for future reference. Although it's not the actual date the unit was built, it gives you a good idea of the furnace's age.

Call the Manufacturer

Even if you can't provide the serial number, they may be able to give you an estimate on the furnace's approximate age based on your description and/or a model number. If you can't locate the company, contact a reputable HVAC professional to assess your furnace and offer their opinion on its age.

If you're not sure about the age of the furnace in your West Chester area home and you need expert advice, contact us at Tri-County Heating and Cooling.

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