Duct Sealing Helps Keep the Cool Air Flowing All Summer Long

by Greg Leisgang on September 4, 2013

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duct sealing, Cincinnati, OhioIn all likelihood, you wouldn’t try to sip through a straw with a hole in it. Your cold drink would spill right through the hole. But that’s exactly what happens if there are holes or cracks in your ducts: The cool air spills right through, which is why duct sealing is the obvious remedy.

Homes with forced-air heating and cooling systems depend on ducts to distribute cool air throughout your home. But if your home is like many others, about 20 percent of that cool air is squandered because of holes, cracks or badly connected ducts. And this means that you’re paying for cool air that you’re not enjoying.

Duct sealing will help you recoup this energy loss, restoring your ductwork to peak efficiency. Duct sealing carries other benefits, as well:

  • A well-sealed duct system could allow you to install a smaller and less expensive heating and cooling system, and one that would provide better dehumidification in your home.
  • The temperature in your home will be more stable, consistent and comfortable. If you have rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, poorly sealed ducts could be the culprit.
  • The air you breathe will be of better quality, especially if you reduce the risk of back-drafting. This occurs when gases from your furnace, dryer and water heater are drawn back into your home rather than funneled outdoors. Dust and fumes from household chemicals also may enter your ducts, thereby aggravating allergy and asthma symptoms. Sealing the leaks in your ducts can reduce these risks.
  • You can do your part to protect the environment since duct sealing virtually guarantees that you will use less energy to cool your home.

Duct sealing is one of the most important steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. But it can be a tricky job, especially if you’re dealing with ducts that are hidden in walls or difficult to reach in your attic, basement and garage. For help, call the duct sealing experts at Tri-County Heating & Cooling today and start saving money on your energy bills tomorrow.

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