Prepping Your Air Conditioner for a Cincinnati Summer

by Greg Leisgang on May 20, 2013

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prepping your air conditioner, Butler County, OhioSpringtime is the right time for prepping your air conditioner for summer in Cincinnati. You’ll be ready for any early hot spells and you’ll beat the rush for summer air conditioner service. Get your air conditioner ready by adding "check A/C" to your springtime to-do list, and follow this simple guide to home comfort and cool savings.

A/C prep list

Prepping your air conditioner entails a little time and TLC. Your cooling professional performs the technical tasks, such as refrigerant charging and checking electrical components. Use the following checklists for prepping the outside cabinet:

  • Remove any covering placed over the outside cabinet for winter.
  • Check the cabinet and the area around it for obstructions to airflow. There should be at least four feet of clearance in all directions. 
  • Check for debris inside the cabinet and on the condenser coil. Use a garden hose to wash the area. Make sure the main power to the air conditioner is still off at the circuit board. 
  • Once you turn on the power at the circuit board, it should remain on for 24 hours before you start up the air conditioner, and make sure the thermostat is off. The crankcase heater needs to warm the compressor to separate the oil from the refrigerant.
  • Make sure the outside temperature is no less than 65 degrees for 24 hours prior to starting the air conditioner.

Checklist for the inside unit

  • Check the air filter and replace or clean it if it's dirty. The filter should be examined monthly and replaced as needed — usually every three months.
  • Check the drain pan and drain line. Both should be free of debris, deposits, mold and/or algae.
  • Inspect all air-supply outlets and air-return grilles for debris and obstructions, such as furniture or drapes. If dirty, clean with the brush extension of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check the evaporator coil at the indoor unit. If it's dirty (and accessible), you may clean it with a soft cloth.

For more information about prepping your air conditioner for summer, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling today. We've provided quality services for Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 40 years.

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