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by Greg Leisgang on August 22, 2012

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heat pump maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioYour home' s heat pump is a major investment. How well it works and how efficiently it provides conditioned air to your Greater Cincinnati Area home -- as well as how often you have heat pump maintenance performed -- will have a significant impact on how high your energy bills are.

While there are some tasks, like changing the filter each month, that you can do yourself, there are several steps related to heat pump maintenance that are best left to a professional.

A regularly scheduled maintenance check should look at all of the following:

  • Dirt and debris -- Your technician should check the air handler, the ductwork, the coils and the filter for dirt and debris. These problems can interfere with either moving the conditioned air through the system and into your home, or with efficient heat transfer into your living spaces.
  • Ductwork leaks -- One thing that could make your heat pump much less efficient is leaky ducts. The technician should carefully examine your ductwork for leaks and seal any that he or she finds.
  • Airflow -- The technician will have equipment he or she will use to measure the airflow through your system, and achieve optimal levels.
  • Refrigerant -- A measurement should be taken to verify that your heat pump has the proper amount of refrigerant and that it is not leaking any of the liquid solution.
  • Controls -- The technician should also look at the thermostat, electrical controls and wiring for your system, cleaning and tightening anything that needs it, confirming that everything is working properly.
  • Motors and belts -- Motors should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, and belts should be inspected for wear in case they need to be replaced.

Setting up regularly scheduled heat pump maintenance with a local professional is one of the best things you can do to protect your heat pump from damage. It will also result in your system running more efficiently, thus saving you money.

If you have further questions about this topic please contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We have served the people of Butler County and Greater Cincinnati for many years, and our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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