Need to Schedule a Duct Cleaning for your Cincinnati Home?

by Greg Leisgang on April 17, 2013

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schedule duct cleaning, West Chester, OhioIf you're ready to schedule duct cleaning for your Butler County, Greater Cincinnati area residence, you may be wondering what to expect from the appointment. In order to clean out your ductwork, experts use various tools that help remove debris, dander, dust and other particles that may contaminate your air or reduce the amount of air flowing through your ducts.

When you schedule duct cleaning, the professional technician will probably bring with him:

  • Duct vacuum - One of two types of duct vacuums may be used. One type fits over a duct opening, while the other kind is a portable version. This portable option has a HEPA filter and tends to be much quieter. Both are used to keep whatever is cleaned out of your ducts from getting back into your living spaces.
  • Duct brushes - A duct brush can either be a manual brush or one that's electrically  powered. No matter which type the HVAC tech uses to clean out your ducts, the actual brush part is basically the same — a long-handled brush with stiff bristles. The brush is used to loosen the debris to make it easier for the vacuum to collect.
  • Pneumatic tools - Pneumatic tools use compressed air to blow the dust and other particles out of the ductwork. These may include air nozzles and air whips. 

To schedule duct cleaning or for more information about what's involved in the process, contact the pros at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We're proud to serve homeowners throughout the Butler County, greater Cincinnati area.

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