Whole-House Ventilation Is Important But Often Overlooked in West Chester Homes

by Greg Leisgang on November 21, 2013

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When your West Chester-area home is sealed against the cold of winter or the heat of summer, the need for ventilation becomes an important HVAC-related consideration. Whole-house ventilation removes airborne particles, odors and moisture. In combination with your HVAC equipment, a whole-house ventilation system improves indoor air quality throughout your home. The four most common types of whole-house ventilation systems are:

  1. Exhaust ventilation: This type of system helps remove stale air from your West Chester home by depressurizing the inside of your home using a centrally located fan. When indoor pressure drops below outdoor pressure, air is pulled out of your home through exhaust vents and any openings in the house's structure.
  2. Supply ventilation: Supply ventilators also use a central fan to pressurize the interior of your West Chester home, but in this case, it's intended to pull air into your home. The exhaust air then exits through the building's frame and through exhaust vents and ventilating fans. Supply ventilators allow filtration of incoming air and prevent the return of dangerous combustion gases such as carbon monoxide.
  3. Balanced ventilation: Balanced ventilation systems use two fans and accompanying HVAC-style ductwork to force equal amounts of air into and out of your home. This dual action is very effective at cleaning your indoor air and bringing fresh air to your living areas.
  4. Energy-recovery ventilation: Energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) systems are highly effective in climates where it is impractical to directly bring in outside air for ventilation. ERVs are usually installed in attic areas. They recycle heating and cooling energy by either heating incoming cool air or cooling incoming warm air. Incoming and outgoing air flows through a heat exchanger that allows this energy transfer to happen. As a result, the incoming air does not require as much energy to heat or cool to preferred temperatures. ERVs save both energy and money while keeping your indoor areas fresh and comfortable.

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