South Lebanon Homeowners Can Ward Off Furnace Repair With a Professional Inspection

by Greg Leisgang on October 21, 2013

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furnace repair-South Lebanon, OhioOn a snowy South Lebanon winter night, the last thing you want is a furnace breakdown. Getting your heating system checked before winter arrives helps keep it running reliably so you can avoid breakdowns and high furnace repair bills. Thorough, professional furnace inspections offer multiple benefits.

  • Ensure your safety -- Inspections are essential for gas, propane, and oil furnace safety because they expose potentially lethal problems like carbon monoxide leaks and fire hazards.
  • Minimize furnace repair expenses -- A developing furnace repair issue will be easier and cheaper to correct if caught early.
  • Reduce your heating bills -- A technician can address energy-wasting problems such as a poorly lubricated blower so your system will run at top efficiency.

What to Expect From an Inspection

While you may see ads for cheap "safety checks" and "basic tune-ups" in the South Lebanon area, these are rarely thorough inspections. A complete inspection covers every part of your system.

  • Heating components -- The burners will be tested for proper ignition and operation. The heat exchanger will be checked for corrosion and cracks. Dirt or damage in either component poses a carbon monoxide risk.
  • Gas supply -- Your technician will inspect all fuel line connections and test the gas pressure.
  • Air flow -- The flue will be checked for blockages and leaks to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your South Lebanon home. The fresh air intake grills will also be inspected to confirm proper fuel combustion.
  • Blower components -- The blower wheel will be removed for cleaning, then lubricated, replaced and balanced so the fan spins correctly. The technician will perform an amp-draw test to ensure the blower motor is drawing the correct amount of power. The blower door will be checked for a tight seal.
  • Electrical system -- The wiring will be inspected for loose connections, corrosion and damage. This protects your furnace components, reducing the need for future furnace repair jobs. The thermostat will be tested to ensure the system heats without wasting energy.

A comprehensive annual inspection keeps your furnace running safely and efficiently, helping you avert unforeseen furnace repair bills. If the heating system in your South Lebanon home is due for an inspection, contact us at Tri-County Heating & Cooling.

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