End-of-Season Air Conditioner Care: Button Up the System as Cold Weather Approaches Fairfield

by Greg Leisgang on September 23, 2013

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air conditioner, Fairfield, OhioWith summer just a memory and the colder months of winter waiting just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about winterizing your air conditioner. While temperatures might not be pleasant enough in Fairfield, OH just yet to completely shut down your A/C system, it’s a good idea to start planning the steps you'll take to ensure that your air conditioner is in great shape when the weather starts warming up next spring.

Following this maintenance checklist will winterize your air conditioner and protect it over the chilly Fairfield months ahead:

  • Remove any dirt, leaves and other debris from the area surrounding your outdoor unit. Debris that gets into your system can cause moisture to build up, leading to damage.
  • Hose off your outdoor unit to remove caked on dirt and debris. Choose a time when you know the weather will be warm for a few days, and make sure you have disconnected the power to the unit before spraying it. Allow it to dry completely when you're done.
  • Check the coils and fins for dirt or dust. Wipe away any accumulation with a soft cloth, broom or product specifically formulated to clean coils. 
  • Drain water hoses and pipes. After draining, shut off the water valve to your air conditioner unit, if it has one. 
  • Loosely cover your outdoor unit to protect it from the elements, but don’t enclose it completely, especially with plastic. An enclosed area is attractive to rodents and encourages rust and mold. Instead, cover the top of the unit with a piece of plywood.
  • Cover or remove window air conditioners to avoid damage from harsh weather. Clean the units and store in a dry place. After removing, cover any opening left and seal with weatherstripping. 

For more information about scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner or for preparing your heating system for upcoming cooler weather, contact the HVAC experts at Tri-County Heating and Cooling. We've been servicing the home comfort needs of Fairfield homeowners for over 40 years.

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