Replacing your Cincinnati Air Conditioner: What's Involved

by Greg Leisgang on April 15, 2013

Posted in: Air Conditioners

air conditioner replacement, West Chester, OhioWhile the idea of air conditioner replacement might seem like a simple task when you're working with nothing but a wall unit, central HVAC units that provide both heating and cooling measures for your entire home require a bit more research and investment.

Regardless of whether you're going from a wall unit to an HVAC system or you're simply upgrading an older or outdated system, there will be some factors that you'll want to consider regarding its design, as well as the way you have it routed throughout your home.

Taking the time to work out the following concepts may help you to get a better idea of what sort of project is ahead:

  • Will you need ductwork either to be repaired, rerouted or installed from scratch?
  • If you're upgrading, will you need to replace just the outdoor compressor with more efficient greener technology or does it make more sense to replace the entire system?
  • Are you looking at a unit too large or too small for the space allocated for it?
  • Will the unit be quiet enough for your home, even when being used to its maximum capacity?
  • Does a new condensing unit or ductwork need to be rerouted in order to obtain proper airflow?
  • Does having an Energy Star-rated air conditioner replacement make sense for your bills?
  • Is there a local installer who can champion all of these and other installation concepts in order to get the most out of your unit? 

The truth is that all of the answers that you need about air conditioner replacement can be summed up and put to rest by contacting the pros at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've been helping homeowners throughout the Butler County, Cincinnati area since 1969.

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