One Zoning System Perk You Can't Afford To Ignore? Longer HVAC Service Life

by Greg Leisgang on October 31, 2012

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zoning system perk, West Chester, OhioIf HVAC experts were builders in Cincinnati, they almost certainly would build every two-story home with a zoning system. All they can do is the next best thing: Make sure that homeowners know that there’s one zoning system perk they can’t afford to ignore, and that is a longer HVAC system life span.

A zoning system isn’t nearly as complicated as it may sound. In fact, it’s an efficient way to divide a home into regions – or zones – and then warm or cool that particular region with its own thermostat.

Most two-story homes can easily be divided into two zones: upstairs and downstairs. A third zone might be a smart idea for a finished basement, especially if a home office or study area is set up there. A separate zone also might be established for a large room addition, a sun room, spa room or solarium.

Because warm or cool air goes to these zones only on an as-needed basis, it stands to reason that a furnace and air conditioner will get less of a workout, thereby expanding their life spans.

Zoning systems are naturally in tune with physics: While warm air rises, cool air falls. This law explains why a second-story bedroom may be about 10 degrees warmer and a basement may be 10 degrees cooler than rooms located on the main level. Put another way, having only one zone is rather inefficient -- and makes your furnace and air conditioner work harder, thereby reducing their life spans, in order to comfortably heat or cool areas of your home with differing thermal requirements.

This is why zoning systems are energy savers: You can set the temperature in each zone as you wish and, for rooms you don’t use, close them off. So you save money in the short run on your energy bills and prolong the life span of your HVAC system, too. It's the proverbial win-win scenario.

Tri-County Heating & Cooling isn’t in the building business, but we have installed many zoning systems in Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area. Call us today and start enjoying more consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout your home -- and start reaping the benefits of this proven energy saver.

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