Air Conditioner Terms Every Cincinnati Homeowner Should Know When Upgrading

by Greg Leisgang on July 9, 2012

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air conditioner terms, Cincinnati, OhioThe world of air conditioning has its own language. So it's helpful for Cincinnati homeowners to acquaint themselves with relevant terminology when upgrading their air conditioners. Here are a few basic terms that will help you in the process:

  • SEER -- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the determination of how much cooling is produced for each unit of energy consumed by a system. The higher the ratio, the better your energy savings will be. 
  • Airflow -- As the name implies, this is the amount of air that flows through your home’s air conditioning ductwork from the system's air handler. 
  • Split system -- This system is commonly used in residential applications, with the condenser for the air conditioner located outside the house and the air handler and evaporator coil inside. The two are connected by refrigerant lines. 
  • Air handler -- This is the inside unit which houses the evaporator coil and the blower that forces air through the home's ductwork. 
  • Evaporator coil -- A series of pipes absorb heat when air from the house is blown across them. The heat is routed outside the building, while cooled air is supplied via ductwork throughout the house. 
  • Condenser -- This outside component is the heart of the air conditioner. It houses the compressor, coils, a fan and electrical components. The condenser collects heat from the home and disperses it to the outside. 
  • Compressor -- This component "compresses" refrigerant to increase its energy and temperature. It can also be the noisiest part of the system. 
  • Load calculation -- A technician will assess how much heat enters or escapes from the building's envelope, existing ductwork and people and appliances, as well as the amount of insulation, air infiltration and heat gain. The resulting calculation will show how much heat needs to be removed from the home's living spaces, so that your new equipment will be correctly sized according to its heating and/or cooling capacity.

Understanding pertinent air conditioner terminology will be helpful when you contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling for more information and answers to your questions. We proudly serve the Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area. 

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