High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Offers Long-Term Value in the Greater Cincinnati area

by Greg Leisgang on July 3, 2012

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choose energy star high efficiency air conditioner, Cincinnati, OhioHealthy humans can generally survive in Cincinnati without air conditioning, but what a relief it is to walk inside to cool air on a hot summer day!  So, why not provide your family with the comfort of high-efficiency air conditioning that pays for itself in lower energy bills and is also good for the earth’s environment?

The federal government recommends replacing air conditioners that were installed more than 10 years ago, because newer models are much more efficient and no longer use R-22 (or Freon) refrigerant that damages the earth’s ozone layer. 

Further, a new standard air conditioner can save as much as 20 percent on utility bills, when upgrading from a much older and lower Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)-rated unit. But choosing a model that has earned an Energy Star rating will add up to even more savings, especially when the unit has a higher SEER number. 

The greatest energy saving potential is at the highest SEER rating. A high rating means that the system produces optimum cooling capacity for each unit of energy consumed. New air conditioning equipment must have at least a SEER rating of 13, but high-efficiency air conditioning units are available beginning at SEER 16, and going up to SEER 23.

High-efficiency units generally take advantage of high-tech features which allow them to use energy wisely. These features will typically include two-stage compressors and variable-speed air handlers, along with coils and motors that are more efficient.

Since no two homes have exactly the same heating and cooling needs, it is wise to enlist a reputable contractor to evaluate your home’s requirements and advise the proper changes to get the most value from the installation of new high-efficiency air conditioning equipment.

For more information about high-efficiency air conditioning, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We're proud to have served Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 40 years.

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