Humidity: Strike a Balance for Comfort in Your Springboro Home Year-Round

by Greg Leisgang on October 7, 2013

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hygrometer, home humidity, Springboro, OhioWhen the local forecast calls for high humidity levels in the Springboro area, it's time to take action. We all know what high humidity feels like, and many homes don't have proper insulation against it, nor are they equipped with vapor barriers. However, homeowners should also be conscious of having indoor air that's too dry, which usually happens in the cold winter weather. The bottom line: Proper home humidity levels are essential for year-round comfort.

How Much Is Too Much

High home humidity, especially over 50 percent, can result in:

  • Propagation of mold spores
  • Increased allergens that thrive in moist, humid air
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Condensation and moisture damage to woodwork, furniture and home furnishings

Imbalanced home humidity also affects individuals, through respiratory ailments; dry, chapped skin and difficulty breathing.

The Ideal Range for Springboro Home Humidity

Although Mother Nature calls the shots outside, that doesn't mean you can't regulate humidity indoors. By a combination of mechanical and non-mechanical means, you can achieve a perfect balance in the home.

  • Aim to keep your indoor relative humidity between 30 and 50 percent. A humidifier in winter and a dehumidifier in summer can help maintain this range.

Although some dehumidification occurs as the natural result of cooling, using the air conditioner in your Springboro home as a dehumidifier is not the answer and can actually result in an increase of humidity if allowed to cool below the outdoor dew point.

  • Vent areas that have increased moisture, like showers, laundry rooms, cooking areas and the like with exhaust fans or by opening the window. Try reducing the amount of carpeting in these areas, as carpets and rugs can trap moisture.
  • Keeping ordinary perennial houseplants around can help keep good moisture levels in the air during winter.

For more information about controlling home humidity or for any other HVAC concerns, contact Tri-County Heating and Cooling. We proudly serve homeowners in and around Monroe, Springboro and Franklin.

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