Cincinnati Boiler Problems Require Expert Help: Know When To Call The Pros

by Greg Leisgang on November 7, 2012

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boiler problems, West Chester, OhioWhile it’s commendable to try to troubleshoot some home maintenance issues yourself, it’s wise to call the experts about others, especially boiler problems.

Boilers rank among the most complicated pieces of machinery in your home. And they can be notoriously touchy. So how do you know when to call the pros? Whenever you feel outmatched by such problems as:

  • The presence of soot, which could lead to potentially fatal levels of carbon monoxide
  • Loss of heat, either because the boiler isn’t operating or it seems to be running but your radiators and baseboards remain stubbornly cold
  • Insufficient or fluctuating amounts of water can sometimes be traced to the expansion tank, and specifically insufficient air and/or overflowing water.
  • The heat refusing to turn off, even when you’ve turned down the thermostat
  • Abnormal temperatures in your home that you can’t seem to moderate
  • Seemingly problematic or unsafe relief valves and flue gas venting
  • Combustion and fuel leaks
  • Burn marks, corrosion and stains on the boiler
  • Odors emanating from the boiler
  • Missing components, which you may have identified using your owner’s manual
  • The failure of the thermocouple sensor on an electric boiler, which regulates gas flow inside the boiler.

Like other pieces of machinery, boilers tend to make some strange noises when they are in need of professional repair. Boiler problems often trigger:

  • A banging noise when an oil burner starts up, often accompanied by a puff of soot (referred to as "puff-backs" by HVAC professionals). More than likely, the oil pump may not be shutting down correctly and could be leaking oil into the combustion chamber.
  • A rumbling sound that begins when an oil burner starts up and stays constant while the burner runs. Some noise is normal, but it should be smooth and continuous, not jarring. This type of sound usually means the system needs to be cleaned.
  • Vibrations, which may be loud and also visible

When any of these boiler problems get your blood boiling, it’s time to call Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We’ve been solving boiler problems in the Butler county and Greater Cincinnati area for 43 years, and we can get yours humming again like it should, too.

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