Optimize Heating and Cooling With Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

by Greg Leisgang on April 30, 2014

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heat pump maintenanceSpringtime is the right time to switch gears from heating to cooling with heat pump preventive maintenance, especially on the heels of the bear winter we experienced in the greater Cincinnati area. Find out how the finer points of regular HVAC service can optimize heating and cooling in your West Chester home for superior comfort and lower energy bills.

Optimizing Heat Exchange

Heat pump systems provide energy efficient heating and cooling by using refrigerant to extract and release heat energy from one medium to another, which is typically air to air (air-source heat pumps). The more efficient the heat exchange, the more comfortable and efficient heating and cooling delivered to you.

Refrigerant and Airflow

Free airflow is a necessary element for optimizing refrigerant heat exchange at the indoor and outdoor coils. These components and processes are checked by your HVAC pro to promote maximum heat transfer.

  • The air filter is checked for cleanliness and correct fit and is changed or cleaned as necessary.
  • The coils are inspected for leaks and cleaned of debris to help heat transfer.
  • Refrigerant charge is measured.
  • Airflow is measured across the air handler.
  • The air ducts are visually inspected for leaks, damage and obstructions.
  • The outside unit and indoor air outlets and grilles are inspected for airflow obstructions.

Drainage, Electrical and More

Free and clear drainage prevents water leaks in the home and reduces the chance for mold and mildew growth on heat pump coil and components. Even heat pump electrical systems, including thermostat functionality, can adversely affect heat exchange with faulty or worn contacts. These are basic system checks:

  • Drain pan and line are inspected for debris, mold and mildew. The line is cleared with high-pressure gas.
  • All thermostat modes are cycled and checked, including demand defrost.
  • The reversing valve is checked for proper function (or else a heat pump cannot provide both heating and cooling).
  • Inspect electrical wiring and contacts for fit, corrosion and wear.
  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts.

For more information about optimizing heating and cooling, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling  for HVAC maintenance in your West Chester home.

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