Buying a Furnace for Your Franklin Home This Year? Do Your Homework Ahead of Time

by Greg Leisgang on October 2, 2013

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furnace technician, Franklin, OhioA new furnace isn't a purchase you make every day, or even every year for that matter. In fact, it’s probably been a decade or more since you’ve been furnace shopping for your Franklin OH home. Here’s a little homework you can do ahead of time to help the purchasing process go smoothly.

  • Compare contractors: Before you even start looking at furnaces, consider which contractor to work with. It’s the contractor who sizes and installs your new equipment, so choosing a reputable Franklin or Cincinnati area company is just as important as selecting a reliable new furnace.
  • Consider size: Furnace size matters a lot. Choose an undersized system and it won’t keep up when demand is high. Opt for an oversized system and you’ll have higher energy bills, a system that wears out sooner and fluctuating indoor temperatures. Choose a contractor who takes proper sizing seriously.
  • Remember efficiency: If you want lower heating bills this winter without sacrificing comfort, take the efficiency rating into account. All furnaces earn an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. The closer this rating is to 100 percent, the more fuel it converts into usable heat for your Franklin, OH home. That means lower energy bills accompany higher efficiency ratings.
  • Reflect on advanced features: Keep an eye out for advanced features that help maintain efficiency. A variable-speed blower allows a furnace to operate at both high and low speeds rather than one constant speed. A furnace with a dual heat exchanger passes heat from the fuel source to the air as thoroughly as possible. An efficient ignition system, such as direct spark, intermittent or hot-surface ignition, offers an alternative to the continuously lit pilot light.
  • Settle on a fuel source: The most common type of furnace fuel today is natural gas. The most common reason to consider propane, oil or electricity is if natural gas in unavailable in your Franklin, OH home.

Combustion furnaces are eligible for $150 in energy tax credits if their annual fuel utilization efficiency is 95 percent or higher. Make your purchase before the end of 2013 to qualify!

Start the process by contacting Tri-County Heating & Cooling today. We proudly serve residents in Franklin, Maineville, Montgomery and West Chester.

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