Caring for Your Air Conditioner: Compressors 101

by Greg Leisgang on June 26, 2013

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caring for your air conditioner, Cincinnati, OhioCaring for your air conditioner is one of the tasks Cincinnati area homeowners should keep up with, because without regular care, your A/C can fail.

Your air conditioner works by way of a pump, known as a compressor, which shifts refrigerant gas between the evaporator and condenser. The refrigerant is forced through the circuit, made up of tubing and fins contained in the coils, before evaporating in the indoor evaporator coil. This removes the heat from the indoor air, cooling your home. But like any equipment which is used regularly, it can fail.

Here are some things to look out for when caring for your air conditioner:

  • Refrigerant leaks - Check your air conditioner's refrigerant levels. If they're low, this could mean you have a leak, and a trained HVAC technician should be called to carry out repairs. He or she will fix the leak, test the system and then charge it with the correct amount of refrigerant. 
  • Compressor failure - The compressor can wear out if used frequently and it is most likely to fail if the system's oversized. Also, checks on the electrical connections and contacts should be carried out by a professional to make sure they aren't corroded. 
  • Caring for your air conditioner - If your system isn't properly maintained, it can operate less efficiently and cost you more money. Things like dirty coils and inadequate refrigerant levels can be avoided with care in the form of regular checks which will keep your air conditioner working effectively.

Remember, maintenance procedures are usually best carried out by a local Greater Cincinnati HVAC technician, but there are a few checks you can do yourself:

  • Inspect the hose connections for leaks. Is the condensate tube draining properly? 
  • Check the air filter every month and replace it when dirty, or every three months.
  • Keep plants at least two feet from your system at all times.
  • Ensure the air registers, grilles and vents are dust-free with routine vacuuming. Consider getting the ducts professionally cleaned if your indoor air quality begins to degrade.
  • Keep drapes and fabrics away from the registers.

For other information or service, please feel free to contact us at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We have been providing Butler County and Greater Cincinnati air conditioning sales and service for over 40 years.

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