3 Cincinnati Furnace Problems to Tend to Immediately

by Greg Leisgang on April 3, 2013

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furnace problems, West Chester, OhioYou may not give your furnace much thought when it’s performing well, but it will force you to take notice when it’s not. Most repairs can be avoided through annual preventive maintenance and regular filter changes, but when furnace problems do arise, it’s important to call for emergency service to avoid being left out in the cold. Here are three furnace problems that may arise in your West Chester home during heating season.

Your furnace frequently cycles on and off
If your gas or oil burner repeatedly cycles on and off while the blower continuously runs, there can be several causes, all of which require servicing.

  • Your furnace controls may be set improperly. The technician on call will be able to make the necessary adjustments.
  • There may be a reduction in airflow across the heat exchanger, caused by a blocked or soiled blower fan or air filter. In addition to causing frequent cycling, both of these may also cause an unnecessary rise in heating costs.
  • The burner may be too large, delivering more heat energy than the blower can handle.  

There's little airflow coming from the supply registers
Reduced airflow may be a symptom of:

  • A damaged or dirty air filter
  • A dirty blower fan
  • A loose belt on the blower fan
  • The duct system may be obstructed, disconnected or may have caved in.
  • If this symptom has always been an issue, the return air supply may be inadequate, or the blower may require cleaning or replacing.
  • A dirty cooling coil may be the culprit if the system is a combined heating and cooling unit.

There's no airflow coming from the supply registers
In the event that the furnace burner seems to be active but there's an absence of airflow, the cause may be a failed blower fan or motor, a disconnected or obstructed duct system, or your furnace isn't running.

If you experience furnace problems or have had issues during the winter and want to take care of them so they won't plague you next year, call the experts at Tri-County Heating & Cooling, for prompt, efficient service. Our highly skilled technicians are proud to serve the residents of Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area. 

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