Selecting Heat Pump Features That Boost Return

by Greg Leisgang on January 3, 2013

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selecting heat pump features, West Chester, OhioFor homeowners in Butler County and Greater Cincinnati, selecting heat pump features that offer the most bang for your buck makes for a quicker return on investment, enhances home comfort, and provides efficient heating when the mercury dips below freezing.

Selecting heat pump features
Over the past several years, advancements in heat pump design have significantly boosted the efficiency of air-source heat pumps. The following advanced features are engineered for longer life span, greater efficiency and/or quieter operation:

  • Variable-speed air handlers adjust air velocity to the real-time heating and cooling needs of your home. In contrast to a conventional air handler that zooms along at 100 percent capacity all of the time, a variable-speed air handler most often cycles in slower speeds, saving substantial electricity, and providing even heating throughout your home.
  • Two-stage compressors pump the precise amount of refrigerant needed for optimal heat exchange. Adjusting refrigerant flow as needed produces less wear and tear on the compressor, and provides quieter function.
  • Demand-defrost control saves energy by defrosting the condensing coil only as needed, as opposed to a conventional heat pump that initiates the defrost cycle on a schedule, whether or not it's needed. 
  • An adaptive intelligent recovery thermostat prevents the backup heating element, electric resistance coils, from activating when the indoor temperature is out of range (by more than 2 degrees) of the thermostat setting. This is important for homeowners that set back their thermostat to save energy when they are away from home and sleeping. Without an adaptive intelligent recovery thermostat, the backup heating element powers on, consuming much more energy than heat pump heating. 
  • A desuperheater coil is a component that captures exhaust gases, which would otherwise be wasted energy, to heat water for your home. This method of heating water is highly efficient, particularly during the summer season when there is more heat in the air.

For more information about selecting heat pump features, and any HVAC questions you may have, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've provided quality services for Butler County and Greater Cincinnati for more than 40 years. 

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