Your Home Heat Pump Will Get Better Results If You Check These 3 Factors

by Greg Leisgang on October 1, 2012

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home heat pump, West Chester, OhioIf you would like to cut utility bills and enjoy year-round comfort in your Greater Cincinnati area home, proper home heat pump maintenance is essential. And these three factors are of critical importance: refrigerant levels, airflow and ductwork.

Your home heat pump is engineered to induce refrigerant to extract and release heat under pressure changes. During summer in Butler County and Greater Cincinnati, refrigerant flows into the evaporator under low pressure and extracts heat from your home. The refrigerant releases this heat at the outdoor condenser. (This process reverses for the heating months, providing your home with heat.)

Refrigerant charge needs to be at exact manufacturer recommendations for optimal performance. Over time, vibration, wear and the combination of metals used in the manufacture of heat-pump components stress the evaporator, condenser and lines, and cause corrosion and cracks. Repairs to refrigerant lines and charging the system with refrigerant requires the expertise of a certified HVAC technician.

Free airflow is required in your home heat pump to promote efficient heat exchange at the evaporator and condenser coils.The evaporator and condenser require chemical cleaning to ensure optimal heat exchange. Blower fins must be checked for damage and straightened, if needed.

You can check your air filter regularly to promote airflow, as a dirty one may greatly increase energy consumption and reduce airflow, preventing efficient heat exchange. Check the outdoor cabinet regularly for obstructions like weeds and leaves, and don't allow snow and ice to accumulate during the heating months.

All care and efficiency for your home heat pump are lost if you have poor duct efficiency. Your HVAC technician can inspect your duct system while servicing your heat pump, or you may try do-it-yourself remedies. Visually inspect ductwork for loose joints and leaks. Seal loose ducts with mastic sealant and metal tape. Ducts in unconditioned places in your home, such as the attic and basement, should be insulated. Make sure registers are not blocked by debris, furniture and other objects.

For more expert advice about increasing home heat pump performance, and other issues related to home comfort, contact Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've been serving Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area more than 40 years.

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