Boost Air Filter Efficiency in Cincinnati: 5 Terms You Need To Know

by Greg Leisgang on September 26, 2012

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

air filter efficiency, West Chester, OhioIt is important to regularly replace your HVAC air filter, but it is equally important that you choose the right filter when buying a replacement. Air filters can vary in a number of ways, and there are different ratings and terms used to describe air filter efficiency

Here are five air-filter efficiency terms you need to know when buying a replacement:

  • Pressure drop, or resistance, is a rating that tells you how easily air passes through a filter. If a filter offers a lot of resistance to having air pass through it, air pressure will build up on the intake side of the filter, leading to a drop in air pressure on the downwind side. A high pressure drop means your blower will have to work harder to move the air, leading to increased electricity usage. So look for a filter with a low pressure-drop rating.
  • Dust-spot efficiency is the ability of a filter to remove dust from the air. Though small, dust particles are still much larger than pollutants like bacteria or viruses, so dust-spot efficiency rates how well a filter handles larger particles. Dust-spot efficiency ratings are specific to a particular pressure drop, so you need to compare filters at the same pressure-drop rating in order to choose an efficient one.
  • Dust-holding capacity refers to the amount of dust that a filter can remove from the air before becoming "full." It can be useful for estimating the life span of a filter.
  • Initial efficiency rates the effectiveness of a filter when first installed. Air-filter efficiency actually tends to improve as the filter collects dust, so the initial efficiency may be lower than the overall efficiency.
  • Sustained efficiency rates air-filter efficiency not when it is new, but as it's put to use. 

For help in choosing the best filter for your home in Butler County or Greater Cincinnati area, and to increase air-filter efficiency, contact the experts at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We'll be happy to help you find the right indoor-air-quality products for your needs.

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